For, since the dawn of time, each land that has been forced off the map by explorers and the brave going out and proving it wasn’t there, has taken refuge in Fairy. So it is now, by the time that we come to write of it, a most huge place indeed, containing every manner of landscape and terrain. Here truly, there be dragons.

- Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams…

World Aside is built on the classical fantasy literature idea that there are other mythical worlds beyond, within, or beside our own. While there will be plenty of familiarity to most DnD games, many things are unique due to the opportunities the setting presents. Here are some things you should know before diving in:

♦ Another World Wonderland, Faerie, Otherworld, the Lands Unseen – the mythical realm of the World Aside campaign has been called many names. To most of its inhabitants, the landscape is known as the Ley Lands, an amorphous magical world that exists alongside our own. Mighty gods, terrible monsters, and other races and creatures believed to be imaginary now call the Ley Lands home, pushed aside by an event lost to time from the world we know – a world they once freely roamed. In today’s age, travel between our world and the Ley Lands is limited to rare points of power – the junction of ley lines and a handful of other “thin” places. Anything can happen in the strange and wondrous Ley Lands…and it usually does.

♦ Serialized Action The foremost concept to keep in mind as you embark on experiencing the Ley Lands is that a gaming session should be synonymous with a favorite television series, movie, novel, comic book, or radio drama. Each game session is an episode, chapter, or issue, and several sessions form a season, series, or run. The heroes (and villains too) perform their deeds with the kind of flair you would see on the screen or read about in a novel. The new edition’s rules are tailor-made for this kind of game. The essential element, however, is the player’s mindset. As you create, play, and advance your characters, maintain the “pulp fiction” frame of mind.

♦ Don’t I Know You? The unique connection of the Ley Lands to the real world allows for a great deal of familiarity in the kind of lands you can explore, the characters you can meet, and the stories that can be told. In your journeys, you could walk the streets of lost Atlantis, pick apples from the orchards of Avalon, or even climb Olympus to parlay with the gods. While some things will be easily recognizable, keep in mind surprises are commonplace in the Ley Lands – it is a surreal yet real place after all. The beings that reside beyond the veil have hopes and aspirations, struggle to survive, and seek security, enjoyment, and power just as we do in our lives.

♦ Once Upon a Time Legend within legend holds that following the sundering of the world, the Ley Lands were forged, cultivated, and shared as a haven by a mysterious being now simply called the Narrator. It is supposed that the first city was called Ildikar, and the Narrator made his dwelling there, telling the story of all who entered the lands to maintain the connection between Earth and the Ley Lands. All creatures subjected themselves to the Narrator as a protector and advocate until one day the storytelling simply fell silent. Ildikar and the Narrator himself vanished without a trace, and many lifetimes have been spent since trying to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

Some claim the Narrator grew tired of his endless duty and moved on to other realities. Others say he was destroyed by the encroaching forces of darkness and unmaking that presently threaten to unravel the Ley Lands. Still others suggest he and the shining city exist even now, hidden, waiting to be found.

World Aside

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